Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More on Stem Cells

From the Not in the Enumerated Powers department:

A colleague sent me an excellent article about stem cell research over at the weekly Standard. It's about science, religion and morality. Science and religion are orthogonal:

  • Science answers the question "How can I get what I want?"
  • Religion answers the question "What ought I to want?"
What Barack Obama did was remove any moral judgment or restraint in the application of scientific knowledge. That just might be the definition of evil.

Now, you will say "you can't legislate morality", but we can and do legislate morality all the time: We can't execute prisoners, but we can abort fetuses. We can't torture illegal enemy combatants, but our tax dollars can fund embryonic stem cell research. Even Barack Obama seems to want to draw the line at human cloning. So as the old joke goes, "we've established what you are; now we're just haggling over the price".

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