Sunday, May 10, 2009

Patriots, Man Your Battlestations!

I said it during the campain, and I'll say it now: Barack Obama is a radical statist. Privacy and free speech on the Internet is about to change dramatically. And it won't be the criminals digging into your stored files and network traffic, it will be Uncle Sam. The Obama Administration is claiming legal authority to perform warrantless searches and network monitoring, or to shut down the Internet if they consider it a threat to national security. That's bogus! Where's the ACLU when we actually need them?

This article has the details. The thing that stuns me is that they're acting all surprised that Obama's campaign rhetoric doesn't match his actions. Barack Obama's ideology was as plain as the nose on your face all during the campaign. It didn't matter what he said. His past record and his past associations said it all. He didn't fool anybody who was paying the slightest attention.

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