Saturday, July 18, 2009

POTUS Birth Certificate Issue Clicks Up a Notch

I have always been reluctant to get caught up with what seems like the lunatic fringe in questioning Barack Obama's birth certificate. However, it does bother me that Obama has not been open and forthcoming about his personal documents. In fact, he has locked down a whole sheaf of documents, including his birth certificate, adoption records and scholastic records.

Meanwhile, a controversial suit brought by a U.S. Army reservist has been joined by a retired Army two-star general and an active reserve Air Force lieutenant colonel. At some point, this might boil over. If it turns out that Barack Obama is in fact, not qualified to hold the office of President of the United States due to this seemingly minor constitutional point, it will cause a constitutional crisis not seen in this country since the civil war.

I see two possible outcomes:
  1. We wink at the problem, and rationalize that the requirement is quaint and outmoded, opening the way for unbridled constitutional abuse, violence and civil unrest, and the end of the USA as we know it.
  2. We stop and seriously re-evaluate the Constitution and the rule of law, and we restore the Constitution to its rightful place as the binding contract between the US Government and We the People -- as ratified.

I'm hoping for option 2, although either option will be a painful process. If that happens, Barack Obama might go down in history as a pivotal figure, but not for the reasons he had hoped.

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