Saturday, November 21, 2009

God and Government: Islam and West Are Incompatible

This article at American Thinker articulates a concern that I have had for a long time, namely, that the free excercise of Islam is incompatible with the non-establishment clause of the First Amendment:
Western policymakers and elites in government, academia, and the media suffer from an extraordinary ignorance about the true nature of Islam. This ignorance was on display following the murder of thirteen American troops at Fort Hood, Texas by Nidal Hasan, a devout Muslim who held the rank of Major in the U.S. Army. Hasan is said to have shouted "God is Great" in Arabic as he gunned down his unarmed fellow troops. (Continue reading...)
This is a very troubling situation, because we have a catch-22. If we allow free excercise of Islam, that involves invoking sharia law, which then violates the non-establishment clause. If we reject sharia law, then we violate free excercise. I think some of the founders were aware of this, but the number of Muslims in the colonies was zero to none, and the founders probably did not expect them to come here in large numbers for a very long time. Now the world is much smaller, and they're heeere... I guess this isn't a problem for many, because we've been ignoring the Constitution for so long that practically nobody knows much about it anymore. The fact that this significant little detail bothers me isn't important to most Americans, or our elected officials.

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