Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Missed a Huge Opportunity Yesterday

Yesterday evening, I received a call from the Republican National Committee, asking for money to win in 2010. I hemmed and hawed about not having enough money left for donations, what with all of my other donations, and finally weasled out of it.

What I should have said: I will donate to the Republican party when you have purged the politicians from the party, and replaced them all with statesmen who want to reverse government spending and the concentration of power in central government. When the party represents liberty and the founding principles as embodied in the Constitution. When you replace social justice with liberty and justice for all. Please call me when you can assure me you have accomplished that. In the meantime, my hard earned dollars are going to the Heritage Foundation and the National Rifle Association.

I would say the same thing to a fundraiser for the Democrats too. Support for the fundamental principles of the Constitution should be the same for both parties.

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