Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letter to Congressman Larsen

Dear Congressman Larsen,

I just received your missive about your vote on the health care bill. In it, you state that the status quo is unacceptable. Perhaps it is, but did you really have to introduce a whole new garganuan bureaucracy, complete with mandates and penalties for private citizens? Why not this:
  • NO Government Takeover of Health Care
  • NO Public Option or co-ops or government run "exchanges" of any kind
  • NO Mandates
  • NO Vote for Cloture or other sleazy methods of getting the bill passed (i.e. reconciliation or attaching it as an amendment to another bill)
  • YES to totally eliminating barriers to buying health insurance across state lines
  • YES to real tort reform
  • YES to genuinely decreasing the mandates on health insurance companies and policies so that smaller, more flexible companies and policies are allowed exist and compete
  • YES to allowing everyone to claim tax credits for providing health insurance, from corporations to small businesses to those that are self employed
  • YES to cracking open the potential of Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) by increasing the ceiling on maximum donations that each person can make each year
  • YES to cafeteria style choices for all individuals or businesses, so that each consumer is at liberty to choose the insurance that he/she wants to pay for and meets their personal needs
  • YES to allowing real freedom of choice for consumers who want to purchase high deductible policies in combination with an HSA or catastrophic policy
  • YES to cutting out waste and fraud by VERIFYING the citizenship of everyone who receives an entitlement benefit
  • YES to transparency and accountability - we want the entire bill, in its final legislative language put online for at least 72 hours prior to voting, as well as an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office being completed at least 72 hours before any voting is allowed to take place
I do think it is a little odd that health care suddenly became the cause du jour when we have much more pressing needs (e.g., recession, energy costs). Nobody was clamoring for health care reform. It just rode in with the statist takeover in 2006 and 2008.

You're a nice guy and all, but you obviously do not understand the founding principles at all (or perhaps you're a progressive who rejects them). Either way, my task is clear: To do everything possible in my power to legally make sure you never work in this town after 2010. I can't wait to campaign, donate, and vote.

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