Sunday, December 20, 2009

Senate Actions: Political Malpractice

We are truly living in a kakistocracy. Rage against the kakistocracy. This is more than just "political disagreement" on issues. Can't the tea partiers across this nation file a class action lawsuit against our legislators for political malpractice?

I do hope Barack Obama fails on this health care bill. This is not the way America does things. Americans don't want this. Once lost, liberty is almost impossible to recover. Please don't let them take our liberty, and our children's liberty to make our own health care decisions.

The current health care system has problems because of too much government, not because of insufficient government. Assuming health care reform is the highest priority right now (I believe it isn't), effective reform would be the exact opposite of the plan that statist senators intend to ram down our throats despite growing majority opposition.

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