Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Letter From the President!

I received this (form) letter from Barack Obama:
From: Barack Obama
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 5:31 PM
To: Karl Uppiano
Subject: Change

Karl --

When you and I set out on this journey three years ago, we knew that ours would be a lengthy struggle to build a new foundation for this country -- one that would require squaring off against the special interests who had spent decades stacking the deck in their favor.

Today, it is clear that you have shifted the odds.

This morning, I signed into law a bill that represents the most sweeping reforms of Wall Street since the Great Depression, and the toughest consumer financial protections this nation has ever seen. I know that I am able to do so only because the tens of thousands of volunteers who make up the backbone of this movement overcame the most potent attack ads and the most powerful lobbying the special interests could put forward.

Our special-interest opponents and their Republican allies have now set their sights on the elections in November as their best chance to overturn the historic progress we've made together.

(italics mine)

Frankly, I'm stunned. Build a new foundation for this country? I am afraid he's serious. Our founders gave us a fine foundation; we just need to get back to it. That would solve many of the problems that we face today. Whatever the special interests and the Republicans are doing had better be getting us back to the original foundation, or I won't support them either.

He rambles on, and finally gets to this:

But today's victory is not where our fight ends.

Organizing for America and I will move forward in the months ahead on the tough fights we have yet to finish -- even if cynics say we should wait until after the fall elections. This movement has never catered to the conventional wisdom of Washington. And we have fought to ensure that our progress is never held hostage by our politics.

You and I did not build this movement to win one election. We did not come together to pass one single piece of legislation. We are fighting for nothing less than a new foundation for our country -- and that work is not complete. As we face the challenges ahead, I am relying on you to stand with me.

Please donate $5 or more today:

Thank you for helping us get here,

President Barack Obama

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This email was sent to:

(italics mine)

Barack Obama is talking about changing the foundation of this nation without the consent of the governed. What he is trying to do is not authorized by The Constitution, and thus would require at least one constitutional amendment; that isn't even being discussed. He knows that we would never agree to that, so he's simply crashing through it. This is how third world tin-horn dictators operate. I never thought I would live to see the day.

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