Saturday, August 21, 2010

Muslim or Christian?

Rush Limbaugh dedicated his whole show on Friday to whether Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, but it was the mainstream media who decided to start polling on that issue.

There are people who think that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all basically the same. Nothing could be further from the truth, as most religious people know. Get some Methodists to discuss Mormons, or vice-versa and see what happens. They're both nominally Christian.

Islam, unlike most other major religions, has a very strong theocratic doctrine. It is therefore a relevant first amendment question to know whether Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim. His father was a Muslim, which makes Obama legally a Muslim according to Islamic doctrine. This is actually something that should have been discussed seriously and openly during the campaign. It's a bit late to be talking about it now.

If Muslims continue pushing for Sharia Law (or Sharia compliance, as Muslim apologists are now calling it -- to make it sound more compatible with the free exercise clause), it will dramatically and dangerously distort the original intent of the first amendment.

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