Sunday, October 3, 2010

Are 'Progressives' Just a Bunch of Big, Inconsiderate Slobs?

I know it's probably prejudiced of me to generalize, but I have a few data points that show that actions speak louder than words (although the actions are related to the words). Since pictures are worth a thousand words, at 30 frames per second, videos must be worth gigawords.

Here is the aftermath of Barack Obama's immaculation:

I'll go out on a limb here, and assume there weren't a lot of tea party types in attendance. Now here's an article that compares the immaculation with the aftermath of the tea party march on Washington D.C. ... Oh, and here's the aftermath of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally (there is a stack of garbage bags at 0:51, ready for convenient pick-up):

And here's the aftermath of the "One Nation" rally:

Are you picking up a pattern here? 'Progressives' talk a lot about responsibility, protecting the environment, but look what they do to it. They talk a lot about compassion and social justice, but look what they leave for other people to clean up. They're like kids. They want other (more successful) people to take care of them, to provide for them, and clean up after them.

You would think that the "One Nation" rally organizers would have gotten a clue after the Obama immaculation, and at least hired some cleanup staff. Of course, the tea partiers and the "Restoring Honor" crowd cleaned up after themselves. And the D.C. Park Service said they left the area cleaner than they found it. Now, no doubt, the 'progressives' will eventually become embarassed by this comparison, and their "solution" will most likely be in the form of more government regulation and infringement on our right of assembly. They have shown that they can't be trusted to clean up after themselves, so they'll invoke the heavy hand of government to force everybody to do the right thing.

Having volunteered on the Bellingham Tea Party cleanup detail, I can tell you that tea partiers are a tidy crowd. Before our first tea party, I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find little or no trash left behind after the event. Since I had to police the area anyway, and I had the trash bag with me, I picked up stuff that was obviously there before the event. We left the place cleaner than we found it. And that my friends, is what we mean by "responsibility". No government regulations required -- just a little respect for others.

Update: More here.

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  1. Just shows that the nanny state creates adult sized brats who expect "them" to do everything for them in perpetuity. What pathetic lives they must lead, always whining "gimme,gimme;I want it all right now, and it's never enough."


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