Friday, October 29, 2010

Hollywood Actress "Gets" the Constitution!

This article on Breitbart TV, Conservative Actress Janine Turner Rallies for Joe Miller; ‘Follow the Constitution’ is great. Janine is one of the "constitutional literates". I thought she blew it on the Medicare question though.

Janine: The correct answer to the medicare questions is, "Medicare is clearly extra-constitutional, and it should be migrated to the states, or the people. Because of the dependency it fosters, it is inhumane and politically unfeasible simply to terminate it, but a transition to a constitutional format is imperative if the Constitution is to have any meaning at all." You get a B+.

These things take time, and we can't fix everything overnight. We have to start moving in the right direction though.


  1. I most certantly hope we start the course change Nov. 2nd.

    We have to follow the owners manual of the United States, and fast now.

    The progressive drivers have their foot on the gas to the floor board, and either the tires will blow, or the engine will blow, or the entire life we know will end like a top fuel dragster crash in a fireball.

    All of us involved must stay involved to get back on track, constitution wise, for the duration of our existance and beyond.

    The second we stop 'rolling', they will start again.

    The only instinctive reaction to this with my life's experience is going to level 'perma-roll'.

    I think we need to resign ourselves to the fact that, 'that', is now a fact of life for those of us who give a damn about how we conduct living here in America as the last firewall before we fall into tryanny, and watch freedom get vaporized.

    I think we we have a huge mountain to climb going forward no matter what leaps we make along the way.

    I'll shut up at this point.

    Hi Karl. I loved Janine Turner in N.E.

    Good luck to all Americans, get a clue, depend on yourself in the land of freedom, no one else-ever.

    Chuck Barnes over and out. (lol)

  2. 10-4 Chuck. I like to refer to The Constitution Of The United States as "the specification" or "the contract". I'm going to add "owner's manual" to my list of metaphors. Maybe "operator's manual" when I refer to the politicians. They're operators all right.

    If preservatives win big this November, We the People will have to watch them like hawks, because no human can be trusted at the controls of such a powerful machine. That's why it's imperative that we whittle down the government so that it once again fits inside the Constitution.


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