Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Times Sq. bomber sentenced, warns of more attacks

From an article in The Washington Post:
NEW YORK -- The Pakistani immigrant who tried to detonate a car bomb on a busy Saturday night in Times Square accepted a life sentence with a smirk Tuesday and warned that Americans can expect more bloodshed at the hands of Muslims.

"Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun," 31-year-old Faisal Shahzad told a federal judge. "Consider me the first droplet of the blood that will follow." (Continue reading...)

America's ruling classes and Muslim apologists object strenuously whenever one of us says we are in a religious war. The strange thing is, the people we're in the religious war with, say it all the time -- and I quote, "Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun". I do not think I could put it any more succinctly if I said it myself. How long are we going to ignore this threat, and pretend it does not exist? How far do we take tolerance and diversity? I believe in being tolerant, but I draw the line at cultural suicide.

I know, I know, this guy is a crazed outlier. He would have to be crazy to try to target innocent civilians. There are tons of moderate Muslims. But right up to the time he tried to set off the bomb, he fit the profile of a "moderate Muslim". Well educated, seemingly assimilated, and so on.

The judge cut him off at one point to ask if he had sworn allegiance to the U.S. when he became a citizen last year.

"I did swear, but I did not mean it," Shahzad said.

This illustrates the concept of taqiyya -- religious deception: According to Islamic doctrine, Muslims are allowed to lie to avoid persecution, a right that jihadists use to cover anything to further the cause. So whom can you trust? I would not say, "You cannot trust any Muslim" without them saying it first. Personally, I would advise, "trust but verify" whenever verification is physically possible. Otherwise, you logically cannot trust anything Muslims say about their religion, its objective or their part in it.

Islam is a political system disguised as a religion. In regimes where Sharia law reigns supreme, people become Muslim in name only, simply to avoid persecution and death. In this country, taqiyya suggests that I can't be sure what they're doing.

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