Saturday, November 27, 2010

DHS Seizes Internet Domain Names

The website TorrentFreak is reporting that the US Government just seized the domain names of dozens of websites worldwide. This is the proverbial "boot on the throat" mentality that the current regime seems to favor -- kind of a reverse "consent of the governed" sort of mindset.

This is causing an international anti-American backlash. Currently, the United States controls many of the key features of the Internet, including the Domain Name Service (DNS). DNS is the "address book" of the Internet; it converts names like into an Internet address ( that computers can find. Without any advance warning, the US government just ripped several pages from that address book.

Control of the Internet by American interests has been a decided advantage for Americans for many reasons, so this action by the US Government Department of Homeland Security is not in our best interest. Especially since DHS shut down sites, not for terrorist activities, but because they were violating copyright laws.

Many of the websites shut down this week were guilty of blatant copyright infringement, which I do not support or condone. But somehow, copyright infringement doesn't seem to be as closely tied to the mission statement for the Department of Homeland Security as -- oh, I don't know -- securing the borders, deporting invaders (euphemistically known as "undocumented workers"), and finding better ways of securing air travel.

I have no problem if RIAA wants to sue everyone they can find for copyright infringement, or put stupid DRM in their products. They're a private organization, trying to protect their own interests. But when a government does it, well, that's tyranny, pure and simple.

It saddens me that the comments on this article this article at TorrentFreak are anti-American, and not anti-statist, for the most part. Most freedom-loving Americans are horrified by this as well. The usurpation of liberty is now starting to hit very close to home indeed (and worldwide at the same time)! When a super power goes rogue, that is when it no longer deserves to be a super power.

I will be updating this article as the story develops.

Oh, I almost forgot: Where in the Constitution did We the People give government the authority do do this?

Update: this article probably won't be updated. The media will flock to the WikiLeaks story.


  1. Sadly, we have become not a nation of laws, but, a nation of men who rule us for the power and money they lust for.

    Fortunately, we so far have increased the rapidity with which information is shared. This increase in the ability to share and obtain information led to the downfall of Communism in Eastern Europe 20 years ago.

    Let's pray that we can maintain that ability.

    This is just one more of the opening shots in the war against Liberty by a government unconstrained by the Constitution. Will it be won by bloodshed, or the meek acquiescence of a numbed and dumbed down population

  2. I hope there's a third option. If enough people ask, "Where in the Constitution did We the People give government the authority to do this?", perhaps we will find our way back to the founding principles.


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