Saturday, December 11, 2010

American Thinker: WikiLeaks, Stuxnet, Cyberwar, and Obama

Here's a very interesting article by J.R. Dunn at American Thinker about cyberwarfare, and it puts WikiLeaks (and many other things) in proper perspective. It makes my previous posts about WikiLeaks look positively puny by comparison. From about halfway down the page:
... It is no exaggeration to state that Julian Assange is engaged in warfare. He is at war -- not simply with the U.S., although the U.S. is his current bĂȘte noire, but with the human race as a whole. He is a would-be Alexander, intent on bending the world to his will, with little concern who gets hurt while he's doing it. He sees himself as a mythic figure, above and beyond the run of normal humanity, a man with a historical mission. (This is no rarity, unfortunately -- see Obama, Barack.) His followers see him as an Apollo bringing forth a new age.

Yet the world isn't bending, and the new age remains unborn. Despite all the excitement, Assange's impact has been minimal. Until incarcerated, he simply dropped one info-bomb after another, then ran off and hid, perhaps loitering to paw a woman or two in the process. It's an unedifying spectacle, nothing Alexandrine or Napoleonic about it.
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