Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I only have this to say about Barack Obama's state of the union address: Will someone please put the US Constitution on his TelePromTer?

Here's my state of the union message:
The US Constitution is still the official specification for the United States of America. Any regime that distorts or disregards The Constitution is untrustworthy and dangerous. The United States is so far out of spec, that we can't even see the spec. The spec is a dot to us.

Democrats and Republicans have both done their share of distorting and disregarding The Constitution, but the Democrats do it harder and faster. Since 2007, they have been doing it at warp speed.

Today, the union is facing many problems and challenges, many of them caused by not following The Constitution. Over the past three or four generations, people have become dependent on government programs not authorized by The Constitution -- for their government jobs, their retirement, their health care, and their welfare entitlements. This is unsustainable, as our 14 trillion dollar deficit all too obviously illustrates.

It is inhumane and politically unfeasible simply to terminate these unauthorized programs, so we must develop ways to phase out these usurpations, and phase The Constitution back in. Today, I call on politicians in congress work on a plan to once again to follow the same Constitution that we all took a sacred oath to uphold and defend, undistorted, with liberty and justice for all.

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