Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Impressed With the Rent-a-Tantrum in Madison

When I first heard about the tantrum at the state house in Madison Wisconsin over the fact that we're out of money, I thought, "I wonder why we can't get 27,000 people to protest the loss of liberty at the hands of 'progressives' since 2006?" Then I remembered, we all have jobs. Moreover, when the tea parties have rallies, we don't bus rabble-rousers in from all over. Those smaller demonstrations are heartfelt, not purchased.

Sure, Nancy Pelosi called the tea party rallies "Astro Turf", but having participated in local tea party events, I can tell you from first hand knowledge, they aren't. They are locally planned, locally financed, and locally attended.

Financial support for The Rent-a-Tantrum in Madison is provided by Organizing for America... and by the Democrat National Committee... and by union supporters nationwide... and by mandatory contributions from taxpayers like you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Watch the Other Hand

Now that Egypt dominates the news cycle, keep an extra close eye on our own government for constitutional sleight-of-hand.