Saturday, December 3, 2011

Obama 101

Victor Davis Hanson provides us with one of the more uplifting articles about Barack Obama.
In the last three years, the president has taught us a great deal about America, the world, and himself.
Before Obama, many Americans still believed in massive deficit spending, whether as an article of fairness, a means to economic growth, or just a lazy fallback position to justify an out-of-control federal government. But after the failure of a nearly $800 billion “stimulus” program — intended to keep unemployment under 8 percent — no one believes any more that an already indebted government will foster economic growth by taking on another $4 trillion in debt. In other words, “stimulus” is mostly a dead concept. The president — much as he advised a barnstorming President Bush in 2005 to cease pushing Social Security reform on a reluctant population — should give it up and junk the new $500 billion program euphemistically designated as a “jobs bill.” The U.S. government is already borrowing every three days what all of America spent on Black Friday.
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I only hope he's right, and I also hope that America comes to its senses, because as the sign says,

If we have lost the once proud culture and founding principles that made the American form of government the shining example for the world -- and The United States the ultimate destination for huddled masses longing to be free -- then we have lost America. Barack Obama would be a symptom, not the cause of our demise.

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