Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Horrible Loss for the Good Guys

Andrew Breitbart passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

This is the man who helped launch Drudge, then struck out on his own with etc. Andrew offered $100,000 of his own money to anybody who could prove that TEA Partiers had racially slurred some Democratic congressmen/women (all over the media implied that we were guilty of this, but nobody ever came forward to claim the money)... huh, fancy that! He brought down ACORN by assisting and publishing the undercover camera stings of James O'Keefe, and has been in the forefront of challenging 'progressives' to base their arguments on actual facts, not emotional drivel.

This is on the same level as if Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck had just died.

Update: Every time I see a tree, I just want to kick its ass. ~ Andrew Breitbart


  1. Breitbart is a legend and will now be even more of one. Very sad, he died far too young. An amazing example of a freedom lover instead of an unconscous obeyer. Another legend who strongly fought the liberal agenda in the Christian church died 30 years ago today - Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

  2. Good Guy? An unabashed propagandist. Wake up.

    1. Nope, he was a truth-teller, and the left hated him for that. The screed you link to is evidence of that. The author is positively unhinged in his hatred. The truth will set you free; but first it will piss you off. I'm quite awake, thank you very much. Thanks, in some cases to Mr. Breitbart.

    2. Mr. Anonymous (I applaud your bravery in publically defending your convictions!):

      The most pathetic aspect of your posting is the venom that drips from the lips of the blogger that you cite. The left finds it amusing to ridicule a cardiac death of a human being. Maher fomds ot amusing to denigrate women as "cunts". Colmes finds it convenient to make political points out of the tragic death of a newborn infant. There have been perpetrators of evil throughout history who laughed as their victiums died in torture, and you and your friends on the left emulate them with great pleasure. That is beyond pathetic. That is a sad commentary on the worst aspects of the human race. And you are part of that filth, that lack of humanity.

    3. Wow, Unknown, tell us how you really feel!

      I think you have some good points here, but I wouldn't accuse the poster of being part of that filth. I think they're just sucked in by them.

      Some have objected to Rush Limbaugh characterizing a woman testifying before congress in favor of me paying for her contraceptives as a "slut". That was inaccurate, as it turns out. It was also unbecoming. In so doing, Rush dropped to the level of Bill Maher and others. There's no point in opening yourself up to that kind of criticism. He should have said that government has no business forcing me pay for other's medical needs, especially when the treatment is inconsistent with the First Amendment. Still assuming that government has any role in forcing me to pay for other's medical treatment, it might be different if the pills were necessary for legitimate health reasons, and not for "free love".

      Getting back to Breitbart, he is not a propagandist, any more than Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, Chris Matthews, Woodward and Bernstein, or most of the mainstream media. The difference is, he admits his bias, so people can calibrate their B.S. meters. The mainstream media don't.


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