Tuesday, April 3, 2012

President Obama Suggests SCOTUS "Activist"

President Obama has said that it would be "activist" for the United States Supreme Court to find ObamaCare unconstitutional. He knows that conservatives dislike activist supreme court justices. He is trying to flip the definition on its head. The Supreme Court is supposed to provide checks and balances on the other two branches and vice-versa. President Obama knows that; he is demagogue-ing his head off.

The Constitution of the United States is still the official specification for the US government; the binding contract between the United States and We the People: Any regime that distorts or disregards it is untrustworthy and dangerous.

Obama noted that for years, conservatives had been arguing that the "unelected" Supreme Court should not adopt an activist approach by making rather than interpreting law, and held up the health legislation as an example. (Continue reading...)

For Emperor Algae Solyndra to suggest that the Supreme Court would be “activist” to declare a law unconstitutional when said law violates the most basic constitutional principles is ludicrous on its face. But a nation of unprincipled* voters, who would elect a poseur such as Barackula Hussein Ogabe would have no understanding of that. They would believe The One. Dangerous times indeed.

*Unprincipled doesn’t mean unscrupulous. An unprincipled person is simply someone who doesn’t understand how something is supposed to work. It would be like automobile drivers who don’t know the rules of the road. They’re a menace to everybody – including the ones who do understand the principles.

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