Friday, June 22, 2012

Climate Panel Adopts Controversial 'Grey' Evidence

NewScientist reports, Climate panel adopts controversial 'grey' evidence. Yeah, this is new...

Climate scientists are likely to face charges of putting politics before science, following two decisions by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

At a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, earlier this month, the IPCC decided for the first time to impose strict geographical quotas on the elected officials that make up its bureau. There will also be a push to increase the representation of women among its authors.

Quotas and gender preferences? Sure, why not? Objective scientists do that all the time!

It had also voted at a meeting in Kampala in November 2011 to increase the role in those assessments of "grey literature": publications not subject to peer review. Using such material in the last assessment is what led to the "glaciergate" scandal in 2010, when the report was found to have vastly overestimated the rate at which Himalayan glaciers are losing ice.

I don't think "grey literature" would be any worse than the fraudulent, peer-reviewed "hide the decline" literature. What does peer review matter, when the peer review is hand-picked to rubber stamp the agenda? This saves having to cover up or falsify any dissent among the reviewers. The IPCC has finally publically admitted that it has no interest whatsoever in objective truth; only a predetermined political outcome.

The panel publishes three voluminous assessments of the state of climate science every six years, the last of which came out in 2007.

I got your state of climate science right here! Fortunately, IPCC has absolutely no jurisdiction within sovereign US borders -- right? It looks as if Orwell was only off by 28 years.

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  1. IPCC backroom VIP secret meeting:

    ""O.K. people; we have to do a better job of implementing control over mankind because we know that whatever mankind does is out of control, and naturally killing us and mother earth. Our dream-world of one government body of super elite peace loving earth hugging super minds must happen for the good of our dream to have all humans in blind obedience to ensure the super vision we here in this room know in our hearts is the only sane path forward to achieve the state of only allowing those humans who swear an oath to our absolute doctrine of 'SUPER HARMONY WITH NATURE' program where the rights of every living creature are treated on an equal basis are allowed to go forward living, and those who resist or choose freedom from our vision of what is right and just must be erased from the equation of harmonius ultraness as the 'anti-good'.
    The end game achievement of our superior visionary road map for the 'we know better' way forward for existence on planet earth is ultimately priceless no matter what. Whatever truth bending, faking, making-up-anything that sounds good to help us gain total control over people to materialize what we know is the only way justified forward for mankind to become one with earth and all is our highest priority.

    If we have to use bullshit to get the job done, use it ad-infinitum maximus. If some of us get caught cooking up a crock of crap that is merely the price we have to be willing to pay for the greater cause for all. Personal integrity must remain with the cause for all of us who know what is best for mankind and planet earth and pond scum's rights, butterfly rights, rat rights, bacteria rights, virus rights, and the rights of boulder sized rocks of granite and trees to just exist for their own well being with out humans interfering with their happiness.

    Bigeagle out.


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