Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tax Internet Service?

The FCC wants you to pay for my internet service!

The Federal Communications Commission is eyeing a proposal to tax broadband Internet service.

The move would funnel money to the Connect America Fund, a subsidy the agency created last year to expand Internet access. (Read more...)

Here's a clue: There is no place on earth where you cannot get broadband internet service [satellite]. If you choose to live in a remote area, then you can expect to pay a little more for internet connectivity. Think of it as the price you pay for the luxury of living far away from the big city collectivists.

I have to wonder why government bureaucracies would even want to waste taxpayer dollars on rural internet service, when the Agenda 21 "pack'n'stack" goals for urban infill would chase most people out of the rural areas by the end of the century anyway. I guess it's a "belt and suspenders" kind of a thing -- in case liberty wins out, and we get to keep living where we want to live. Besides, what government agency gives a rat's ass about wasting taxpayer dollars?

I answered my own question. Forget I mentioned it.

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