Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kakistocracy Report

Hello fellow anti-kakistocrats, this post is to announce that I am changing the name of this blog from "Rage Against the Kakistocracy" to "Kakistocracy Report". I mean, who needs all that rage, anyway? The Islamists are all enraged, and look where that's getting them. Occupy Wall Street are all enraged, and look where that's getting them. I don't need all that rage. My blood pressure is high enough already. I think "Kakistocracy Report" is pithier and easier to remember. It's not as grumpy.

I had originally modeled the name after the musical group, "Rage Against the Machine". I replaced "Machine" with "Kakistocracy", which I imagined to be equivalent, even though the original band members were raging against capitalism and the American work ethic. It was my way of getting even. There was a parody act who called himself, "Lounge Against the Machine". Maybe "Lounge Against the Kakistocracy" would work too. Some other names I considered include, "Kakistocracy Retort" and "Kakistocracy Update" (K.U., get it? My initials). Too clever by half, I decided. "Kakistocracy Report" it is. Same bat time, same bat channel (http://antikakistocrat.blogspot.com).


  1. The name has changed; I'm fine with that, sir.
    The song remains the same; AMEN.
    This blog is among the finest, and I swear on The Constitution of The United States so help me God, that this grandest experiment of the American Dream is defended superbly well by your steadfast effort to contribute with your all to keep it alive.
    Well done mister, carry on.


    1. I thank you for your support. I strive to uphold and defend what some of our "leaders" haven't the guts or understanding to do. Sadly, they're in the position of power and trust, and I'm not. Bummer.

  2. Excellent. Rage is tiring and we are all here for the long haul. Can't sustain rage long term. Endurance will serve us better than rage.

  3. Yes indeed,
    We are here for the long term.
    And this is such a mess it will take some tine to reverse.
    Keep on Reporting


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