Monday, October 22, 2012

He's Not a Muslim; He's a Dhimmi

I'll start right off by saying that the man in this video, Pat Condell, doesn't understand Christianity -- although he's reacting to the usual vain interpretations of it (as in, taking God's name in vain). So why would he understand Islam any better? Actually, I think he understands Islamic extremism about as well as he understands vain Christianity, which is quite a lot, really.

The point that really hit home though, was his take on the notion that Barack Obama is a Muslim. No, Obama's a dhimmi. I think Pat nails it.

My mother always used to say, "If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all". I feel like I've been dumping on President Obama awfully hard lately. But here's the thing: When someone is enslaving you and your children, you have to speak up. Some things just override the basic rules of etiquette.

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  1. Maybe off 'topic' but part of current issues.
    In the affordable whatever healthcare act or Obamacare apparently Muslims are excused completely from any participation because in Islam health insurance or maybe 'insurance' in whatever form is considered 'gambling' and forbidden to participate in.
    I think that page is at from 70-80 of the 2000 something pages or whatever. Called 'Dhimmitude' and viola, Muslims/Islamists are excused presto-bingo from any requirement to participate, and not subject to the fine stuff the rest of us will be forced to pay at some point.

    Next, ah so if we are bending over to be politically correct and allow gays to marry, and pushing for equal rights and equal elevation for women, etc, etc. How in the name of WTF does that jive with bending over to not offend those who follow Islam; when those who follow Islam keep women under slavery without even basic rights ad-infinitum, and are allowed to even kill women/girls under sharia law for the mere rumor that they may have fooled around.
    Then here we go again trying to promote gay rights, and at the same time attempt to be all non-offending to Muslims around the world many of whom are free to due their duty without any questions at all and kill anyone suspected of being gay at will without any questions asked.

    In my personal PC allowed vocabulary, this entire program of-kiss-ass be nice to murderous people who have zero tolerance or respect for anyone who does not follow their way deserve what they dish out.

    Remember, a person can convert to Islam, no problem.

    A person who converts out of Islam is free to be killed and approved action in Islam.

    But remember we need to be nice and hug them because they claim Islam 'is a religion of peace'. Unless you don't follow their program.
    But the fact is that the Muslim world has been going nuts murdering each other from the beginning until right now. To be DEAD honest the only constant factor in the history of Islam is death ad-infinitum.


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