Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What "Just Happened"?

Nobody wants to face it, but there's a lot of really bad stuff showing up about president Obama, and it is way more than mere partisan rhetoric. This is bad. Really bad. Impeach-ably bad. In his post, Can it all be Coincidence? this blogger goes on for pages. Here's a taste:
(Oct. 1, 2012) — As I noted in the introduction to my book, The Obama Timeline, a jury at a murder trial will often find the accumulated circumstantial evidence so overwhelming that a guilty verdict is obvious—even though there may be no witness to the crime. “The jurors in the Scott Peterson trial believed the collection of evidence more than they believed Scott Peterson. Among other things, the jury thought that being arrested with $15,000 in cash, recently-dyed hair, a newly-grown goatee, four cell phones, camping equipment, a map to a new girlfriend’s house, a gun, and his brother’s driver’s license certainly did not paint a picture of a grieving husband who had nothing to do with his pregnant wife’s disappearance and murder.”
In the four years I have been gathering information about—and evidence against—Barack Hussein Obama, I have encountered hundreds of coincidences that strike me as amazing. None of those coincidences, by themselves, may mean much. But taken as a whole it is almost impossible to believe they were all the result of chance. Consider the Obama-related coincidences:
Obama just happened to know 60s far-left radical revolutionary William Ayers, whose father just happened to be Thomas Ayers, who just happened to be a close friend of Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who just happened to work at the communist-sympathizing Chicago Defender with Vernon Jarrett, who just happened to later become the father-in-law of Iranian-born leftist Valerie Jarrett, who Obama just happened to choose as his closest White House advisor, and who just happened to have been CEO of Habitat Company, which just happened to manage public housing in Chicago, which just happened to get millions of dollars from the Illinois state legislature, and which just happened not to properly maintain the housing—which eventually just happened to require demolition. (Continue reading...)
 Then, there's this over at Hill Buzz, about President Obama's debate performance:
10. Obama was injected with amphetamines or something before the debate and they wore off about 20 minutes in.  Here in Chicago, word on the street for the last month has been that Valerie Jarrett was specifically tasked with getting Obama off coke and other drugs before the debates so that he would not embarrass himself on stage for an hour and a half.  So, word is that Obama’s been detoxing since at least September.  This explains how haggard he’s looked and how prickly he’s acted for a while now…it’s what addicts look and act like when they’re cut off from their drugs.  Remember that a President can have whatever drugs he wants.  The Secret Service are not there to keep the president from breaking the law, they are just there to keep him alive.  Obama’s main drug suppliers are the junior staffers who work in the White House who go to Lafayette Park and buy him whatever he wants…and he also gets special deliveries from his friend Bobby Titcombe in Hawaii, who brings him “fish and poi” to the White House (that’s Hawaiian slang for “weed and coke”).  To get through the almost two hours of being on TV, Obama looks like he needed a big injection of beta-blockers and/or amphetamines.  If you noticed at the beginning of the debate he was talking fast, acting erratic, and blinking like CRAZY he was still jazzed up by whatever they gave him.  About twenty minutes later, it seems like the adrenaline in his system from being in front of the crowd might have caused the uppers to wear off…and his energy levels collapsed after that.  By the end of the debate, Obama looked like he was aching for a new fix.  This could be the reason Michelle Obama rushed him off stage and skipped the traditional “let’s waive to the crowd for a while” schtick. She could tell he needed to get out of sight because he totally lost it out there. (Read the entire top ten...)
I decided not to post the "Down Low" bath house article linked by Drudge yesterday. It was just too sordid. You can Google it if you want. And, I haven't fact checked everything in these articles, but didn't anyone else notice something was wrong? The emperor has no clothes! I have never been a fan of Barack Hussein Obama, but this goes beyond principled political differences. There is something seriously wrong with this man, and it just keeps getting more and more disturbing.

If this was Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, or Paris Hilton, it would be one thing. It's their life. But this is the most powerful position in the free world (note that I didn't say most powerful man -- he isn't). He must be stopped. This is getting too weird. 

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