Friday, February 15, 2013

Senate Bill 5737: Banning the sale of assault weapons

Here's the latest politically correct infringement on our Second Amendment rights in the Washington State Legislature:
Introduced by Sen. Ed Murray (D) on February 13, 2013, provides that no person in this state shall manufacture, possess, purchase, sell, or otherwise transfer any assault weapon, or any assault weapon conversion kit. This act defines assault weapons as semi-automatic or pump action rifles and pistols which can accept a detachable magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, and features any of the following: a pistol grip, folding or thumbhole stock, barrel shroud, muzzle brake, or protruding forward grip. As defined, “assault weapon” also includes any semiautomatic with a fixed magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds, any firearm with a threaded barrel, shotguns with detachable magazines or revolving cylinders, and assault weapon conversion kits. Assault weapons legally owned when the bill is enacted must be safely stored and may be inspected by the sheriff once a year.
Ridiculous. That description covers a whole range of firearms, not associated with assault. Besides, I’ll need more than 10 rounds in a clip if I’m being attacked by some goblin hopped up on PCP. They can’t feel the bullets, so to stop them, you basically have to perforate them to the extent that they can no longer physically function. They’re like Reavers.

Regarding the grandfather clause at the end, the sheriff is going to need a search warrant. Because even if this law passes; even if they repeal the Second Amendment, it doesn't remove my right to keep and bear arms for my personal protection and my right to self-preservation. It merely puts me at odds with a tyrannical government. Sadly, it appears that America is on The Road to Serfdom.


  1. I'm sure the criminals will be fine with the Sheriff coming in to their home and inspecting their weapons.

    Where on earth will the funding for these inspections come from?


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