Friday, March 15, 2013

I Am Not a Dictator II

Not a Dick-Tater
In a previous post, I reported on a kerfuffle in which President Obama said, "I am not a dictator." It turns out it was all a big misunderstanding.

It has now been learned privately that Obama said in a follow up statement, "I do not approve of people using vulgar street language and slang to describe The President of the United States. It demeans the office, and even more importantly, it demeans me." The President continued, "I don't think people should be calling me a 'dick-tater', or a 'pud-spud', or any other crude epithet when they know perfectly well that the proper English term is 'penis-potato'."

I'm glad we have that cleared up.

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  1. Obama is not the first jerk-wad POTUS.
    Bill Clinton lied to our country and got away with it.
    I remember a group of studio musicians from Nashville who formed a 'Band' and recorded a wonderful Hillary-us tune back then.
    The band called themselves: 'Harmonica Lewinsky'.
    They recorded a song called 'The Harmonica Lewinsky Blues'.
    Trying to find that song today is HARD.
    There is a killer Scot Band (legit) called 'Harmonica Lewinsky' and they are one of Scotlands best blues bands. They have nothing to with the Clinton-Lewinsky hook-up scandal.
    That group of guys from Nashville were positively correct within the lyrical hook line from that song none-the-less.
    "And then she dropped down on her knees-(the harmonica player blows his nuts off for awhile)-

    Summary-: We are all getting blown to kingdom come in America by the current product of the Borgwan program.

    The goal of the program is to send Freedom to hell and force all people to follow some lovey-dovey utopian all are in one pot ideal which must cook us into a hunky-dory human stew.

    Makes me want to spew...


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