Saturday, March 9, 2013

Urgent! Action Needed -- Protect Your Inalienable Rights

Breaking news:
OLYMPIA — Gun-control advocates are launching a weekend lobbying blitz on seven members of the state House who may control the fate of a contentious bill to require background checks for all gun purchases. 
State Rep. Jamie Pedersen, a Seattle Democrat organizing the push for universal background checks, said Friday that his bill now has 47 supporters — 46 Democrats and Lake Stevens Republican Mike Hope. 
It needs 50 to pass. (Continue reading...)
“I fully believe in the Second Amendment, but our top priority needs to be children’s safety,” said Kochmar, one of the seven key lawmakers.

What the hell kind of thinking is that? Those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither. This simply adds one more burden on us (an infringement), while having zero effect on the already lawless criminals. I can't believe it -- I'm losing to a rug!

Action Item: Phone calls should be focused on speaker of the House Frank Chopp, 360-786-7920, and all pro-1588 legislators in this article (contact info...). Please act now. More contact info:


  1. In my opinion I am 100% responsible for my childrens safety at all times.
    The second amendment to the USC protects my GOD given inalienable right to have a gun to protect my family from a bunch of released illegal immigrants or any others anywhere-anytime baby.
    END OF STORY. :)

  2. I agree, if I don't protect my kids what/who will?
    A new law?
    I will not bet my kids life on that, ever...
    I love my kids and will never expect some stupid new law to keep them safe!


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