Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Earn a Living Wage

Fast food workers are going out on strike a little bit, demanding a "living wage". Oh, call the waaambulance! Here's a newsflash, kiddies:

Wages and prices are nature's way of telling buyers and sellers the true value of goods and services. Minimum wage is government's way of lying about it. Strikes are unions' way of shooting the messenger, and themselves in the foot.

You think you "deserve" a "living wage"? Wrong-O, Bucko! What you "deserve" is to be paid the market value for the task you've been hired to do by mutual agreement with the purchaser of your services.

If you want to earn more moolah, you have to acquire the skills necessary to land a higher paying job. It's that simple. It takes a lot of hard work, and paying your dues. There will be setbacks. Life isn't fair.

Nobody else owes you anything just for showing up, even if they appear to be richer than you. There's a reason they're richer than you. They earned it! (Or they lucked into it – see the "life isn't fair" part.) If it's charity you want, get in line at the soup kitchen.

Protest Labor Day! Go to Work!

How about, "Be Productive!"
What are you doing for Labor Day? That's a question I've been hearing a lot this week.

I'm going in to work, that's what! I do not have an adversarial relationship with my employer. I am grateful to have a job, and I am grateful for all the benefits and opportunities that my employer has provided me over the years. They gave us the day off, but I'm going in to work anyway, as a token of my appreciation - to give something back.

And it's my little pie in the face to the entire anti-free market labor movement. Win-win!

I am not a union-buster, but I strongly dislike the unions' monopolistic, domineering tactics. I disagree with the adversarial relationship that they foster between consentual employees and their employers. I believe in right-to-work laws. A person should not be compelled to join a union in order to take a job.

I believe in being paid what a job is worth, not what I think I deserve, or what I can extort from my employer by walking out and wrecking his business (and possibly killing the goose that lays the golden eggs).

This Labor Day, I'm going to work!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Declare War, Or Get Off the Pot!

With the winds of war again blowing and the sabers rattling, I would like to note that we have had at least five wars in my lifetime that I can think of: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Not one was legally declared by congress. WWII was the last legally declared war. Since congress represents the people, and it is the people's blood and treasure that will be spilled and spent to wage said war, the Constitution demands that congress declare war.

The Vietnam war nearly divided this country, as did the most recent Iraq war. If congress hasn't the guts, or the political backing at home to declare war, then we ought not be fighting wars. The executive branch has only short term powers to make war. If congress hasn't declared war by the time that time is up, bring our boys home!

It's worth noting that Joe Biden was advocating impeachment of George W. Bush for what the current administration is poised to do. We take you back to 2007 ...


Voter Fraud

ForAmerica posted this question on Facebook: When Michelle Obama had a book signing, every person who attended was required to have a photo ID. But liberals argue photo IDs should not be required to vote. Do you think photo identification should be required to vote?
The left keep saying voter fraud is a non-existent problem. I don't think it's a problem for them, per se. But for those who believe that transparency in government, and equal protection under the law is important, having honest elections is paramount.

If you want to vote, get an ID. Photography is 150 year-old technology. It isn't difficult, and it isn't expensive.

Lefties who fear that this will somehow put an undue burden on the poor and the infirm can volunteer to get them IDs. They can do it at the same time they get them registered. The only trick will be to make sure the dead ones aren't too decomposed to be noticeable in a photograph.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The President is Dead! Long Live the King!

This was on Drudge Report today. It stinks on ice, and everybody knows it:

Ahem! I attended county fairs and rodeos since my high school days in Idaho, in the early '70s. During that time, I saw rodeo clowns wearing (in order of appearance), Nixon masks, Ford masks, Carter masks, Reagan masks, H.W. Bush masks, Clinton masks (Bill & Hillary - and Monica - the whole famn damly!) ... and (wait for it!) ... G.W. Bush masks. 

And now, someone dares to wear a Barack Hussein Obama mask, and everyone goes bat-scat crazy? Hey, Barack Obama is president, not freaking emperor! Of course, I guess we can't expect Obama voters to be familiar enough with the Constitution to make that distinction. 

Unless ... unless ... this is about racism?! But no! I thought we're supposed to hold all presidents to the same high standards, regardless of race. And when we think they fail to live up to those standards, the First Amendment guarantees the right to treat them with the same reproach and ridicule, regardless of race

I hope this tempest in a teapot has the result of enhancing this rodeo clown's career in the long run. And I hope it helps to shine an even brighter light on the ass clown in the white house.

Update: This is a good read.