Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Declare War, Or Get Off the Pot!

With the winds of war again blowing and the sabers rattling, I would like to note that we have had at least five wars in my lifetime that I can think of: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Not one was legally declared by congress. WWII was the last legally declared war. Since congress represents the people, and it is the people's blood and treasure that will be spilled and spent to wage said war, the Constitution demands that congress declare war.

The Vietnam war nearly divided this country, as did the most recent Iraq war. If congress hasn't the guts, or the political backing at home to declare war, then we ought not be fighting wars. The executive branch has only short term powers to make war. If congress hasn't declared war by the time that time is up, bring our boys home!

It's worth noting that Joe Biden was advocating impeachment of George W. Bush for what the current administration is poised to do. We take you back to 2007 ...


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