Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Earn a Living Wage

Fast food workers are going out on strike a little bit, demanding a "living wage". Oh, call the waaambulance! Here's a newsflash, kiddies:

Wages and prices are nature's way of telling buyers and sellers the true value of goods and services. Minimum wage is government's way of lying about it. Strikes are unions' way of shooting the messenger, and themselves in the foot.

You think you "deserve" a "living wage"? Wrong-O, Bucko! What you "deserve" is to be paid the market value for the task you've been hired to do by mutual agreement with the purchaser of your services.

If you want to earn more moolah, you have to acquire the skills necessary to land a higher paying job. It's that simple. It takes a lot of hard work, and paying your dues. There will be setbacks. Life isn't fair.

Nobody else owes you anything just for showing up, even if they appear to be richer than you. There's a reason they're richer than you. They earned it! (Or they lucked into it – see the "life isn't fair" part.) If it's charity you want, get in line at the soup kitchen.

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