Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ObamaCare: Define Success!

Local morning talk show host Dillon Honcoop noted that people focusing on the failure of the HealthCare.gov website were missing the big picture, namely that millions of people are losing their health insurance due to ObamaCare.

While I believe Dillon was correct as far he went, I think he is missing an even bigger picture: ObamaCare was never intended to succeed in the way you or I, or dozens of Democrats in the US legislature who voted for it, would define success.

The progenitors of ObamaCare measure success by the degree of chaos that it can cause in the health insurance and health care provider market. Because the ultimate goal is single payer, which will be much easier to implement when people are demanding relief from the bomb that is ObamaCare. Who knew?

I think Obama knew, Pelosi knew, probably Harry Reid, and a handful of other Democrats in the legislature knew. The rest of them were hornswoggled into believing that ObamaCare was this benevolent thing that would bring affordable health care to the masses. They were the useful idiots.

They were the useful idiots who didn't read the bill, because the bill was designed to be unreadable. Most of the text simply modifies arcane elements of other laws. It would take a team of lawyers months of research to make sense of it. The rest of them simply read the executive summary, assumed it was an honest representation of the bill's intent and scope, and voted on that basis.

President Obama famously said (numerous times), "If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period". That is now obviously false. Since I believe Obama knew, I'm calling this a lie. So, why would Obama lie? He had to lie, in order to make ObamaCare succeed in the way he wants it to succeed. You might say I'm a conspiracy theorist, but a week ago, you would have called me that for saying millions would lose their health care coverage. There's a big difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact.


  1. They lie. It's the weapon they rely on. Check history, works. Count the dead as the results.
    Wake up. Get real. Be Free and a real American and help and follow and support the U.S Consitution.

  2. It is so irksome to realize just how many thinking and non thinking people alike do not understand what is in store with this travesty. Somehow we have to get the blame off the insurance companies backs-[ Obama's scapegoats] and fix it where it rightfully rests. You are so right that it was planned this way to lead to single payer - where nobody gets any decent care. One point I have not heard raised in the general clamor against the insurance companies is that people forget how expensive modern medicine has become in recent years with the advent of technologies for transplants and vastly improved diagnostic tools.

  3. For a professional politician (R or D) the end almost always justifies the means. While I may take it seriously when told, "Let each man speak truthfully to his neighbor," a professional politician does not feel bound by that constraint. Of course he lied, and he did it with no sense of shame whatsoever.


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