Friday, November 8, 2013

Check One: Self-Serving Bald-Faced Liar, or Clueless, Pathetic Tool?

This morning, Dillon Honcoop asked the question on the KGMI Morning Show, "Barack Obama, apology accepted?"

Let's see... the serial lie that we could keep our health care or our doctor if we like... period - has turned out to be patently false for literally millions of Americans. Barack Obama forcefully repeated that lie throughout his campaign. I see only two possibilities:
  1. he's a self-serving bald-faced liar or 
  2. he's a clueless, pathetic tool. 
Either way, it got him re-elected, and his signature legislation passed.

Now that the chickens are coming home to roost, and people are discovering their loss of liberty, financial security and prosperity, he thinks he can make it right by saying, "Oops! Sorry, my bad!" Apology accepted? Not bloody likely!

The only way for him to make us whole would be for him to resign the presidency that he retained under false pretenses, and for congress to repeal ObamaCare, and start all over with the truth this time. That's also not bloody likely.


  1. Karl, you are giving voice to the extreme frustration of those who saw this coming five years ago, who did their own vetting process and found the candidate seriously lacking integrity and suitable experience. More are now suffering buyer's remorse that they allowed themselves to be swept up in the emotionalism of a first half black/half white president . They shouted the word historic, which can now only be interpreted historic as in mistake. That said, the cure stares us in the face. The two parties in power have ceded the third leg of the stool of rule, the legislature, to the whims of the executive and judicial legs, gravely unbalancing everything America has ever stood for. It is we the people who must speak and be prepared to toss aside ideologies and return to corruption free common sense governance.

  2. Karl, I agree with this analysis. I did not vote for Obama, since I knew who he was, what his agenda for our Country was, and also knew about all of his
    radical friends and mentors. His parents and grandparents were communist, his choice of mentors in college were all radical socialist/communists.
    But he managed to enter into the political arena, and work his way to the top. When the history of his administration is written, he will go down as the most
    anti-american President ever. Obama see's this Country as founded as evil, and the cause of all the strife in this world. Remember, 5 days before election day
    in 2008, he said, "We are just 5 days away.... from "Fundamentally changing this Country". Boy was he correct! Obama has been very successful in his anti-american
    agenda. He got his tax increases. He has 50 million more americans on food stamps. He has crippled our economy. He has defunded our military. He has enbolded
    our enemies, and hurt our allies. He has increase out debt, by 7 trillion dollars, and bankrupted and stolen the future of people not even born yet! He has used race
    as a tool to turn us against each other. This list goes on , and on. What I see now in once was a proud and great Country, is a Nation divided, filled with fear, with no
    push back from the talking heads, our political leaders, or by in large... the people. I see lambs, being led to the slaughter. Our only hope is in prayer, to our Lord to
    forgive us for our evil, and turn our faces to HIM. Then HE will "heal our land".

    1. Randy, Barack Obama has done everything you said. That is not failure. That is success. He wanted to do that, and he has succeeded. Remember when Rush Limbaugh was excoriated when he said, "I hope Obama fails"? This is exactly what Rush was talking about. I don't know if we can ever recover from this (without an armed revolution). I am not advocating an armed revolution because the risk is so extreme. There is no guarantee the good guys will win.

      The Tea Party surprised the left, and we won in 2010. Even while we were celebrating, I was thinking to myself, "there's no way these illiberal regressives will let this happen again". And they haven't. They have made the word, "Tea Party" into a political negative. We have no clout, and we have very few supporters anymore. Our "Just Show Up" campaign was an abject failure. Every event was quieter than the one before... crickets. I think we're screwed.

  3. What is bloody likely is that when we are all drowning in debt because our health care costs have gone through the roof (as planned), the sheeple will demand a "solution". Of course the government will swoop in with "single payer" (government provided) healthcare "entitlements", as if this will reduce the cost. It can't possibly, of course. It will simply spawn an incredibly heavy bureaucracy, making the problem much worse, while simultaneously making every American entirely dependent on government.

  4. Now that huge numbers of people are about to get hit really hard in the wallet on this - with reduced benefits and useless coverages - will we soon see a true political revolt and congressional overturning of this mandated insurance insanity?

  5. Well from the conversations I am having with friends and family, on the Un-affordable Health Care Act, we all appear to be like minded in that we are opting to not sign-up with an insurer. We will bank our money to pay our medical costs and if a catastrophic event occurs, then we will signup for healthcare based on the "no pre-existing conditions allowed to deny health insurance clause." The middle class that have the option to "opt-out" and pay the penalty (which is far less financially onerous than the other option) will do so and the health insurance industry will either die on the vine that they've willingly sowed, or they will standup and fight with us. Their choice as the choice my family is making is not to through good money after a very bad policy.

    1. That is my plan, for now. I haven't received a pink slip from my employer, but I think it's just a matter of time. At the next all-hands meeting, I plan to ask, "I like my health care plan. Can I keep it? Are my health care benefits ObamaCare compliant?"

  6. You missed one point, a true apology means a person will try to change their ways in the future as well as try to undo the damage done via restitution or something similar. Obama didn't apologize for lying, he said he was sorry people lost their plans, which, in itself is just another lie.


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