Saturday, March 29, 2014

We need more teachers like this one, with the guts to speak out. Even if Common Core was a great thing, she should not be threatened with loss of her job for speaking out on any political issue. This is not the same as badmouthing your employer in public.


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  1. "Sikeston School District Superintendent, Tom Williams, said they are aware of the allegations and are investigating. Because of the situation, he said he could not talk about common fore (sic) in the schools at this time."

    This video is compelling, but in isolation it's hard to know the "whole story" regarding this teacher's interaction with her administration. But if her characterization of her superiors' behaviors was misleading, I'd think the school district would have immediately responded this week to these allegations. My quick internet news search didn't turn up anything except the quote I pasted above. Hmmm. Nothing on the district's webpage except the motto: "Providing a Quality Education".


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