Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Southern Border Waif Parade

I have been called a callous, uncharitable S.O.B. for calling the lines of UAC (unaccompanied alien children) on our southern border an "invasion". According to Google, an invasion is "an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity." or "an unwelcome intrusion into another's domain."

So this would be an invasion, by the most basic interpretation of the word. Now these kids might be seeking asylum. But who actually believes kids would have the resources or the inclination to leave their parents, cross Mexico in the heat of summer with dodgy strangers, even if conditions are horrible in their home country? It just isn't in a child's nature to do that. This is tailor-made to promote an agenda, and what better to tug at charitable American heart strings than a bunch of innocent (post-fetal) children?

Let's accept for the moment that the people arriving on our southern border really are in need of asylum. There is a right way and a wrong way. Consider the following two scenarios:
  1. Someone arrives at my front door, and rings the doorbell. I see they are in dire need. I might or I might not invite them into my house, but I assess their situation (and mine), and I try to help them as best I can. I might get them to a hospital, or a shelter, or I might feed them. I'd probably put them in touch with people who are better equipped than I am to provide professional help for the needy. 
  2. I arrive home to find someone inside my home, eating my food, and preparing to make off with a load of my stuff. My reaction in this case would be to secure my abode, make sure my family and I are safe, possibly remove the person by force (especially if they act in antisocially and aggressively). After I have secured the premises, then I would call 911.
The situation on our southern border is scenario 2. As I said, I don't blame the kids; I don't think the young ones are responsible. I feel very sympathetic to the children who are being used as pawns, or as cover or a distraction for other invaders in this despicable ploy. We really need to know who the vicious opportunists are who are orchestrating this. Conspiracy theory, you say? Well, it's easy enough to validate my hypothesis: If we had a curious and responsible media, we'd know who it is.

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  1. If the hordes of unaccompanied youth (there's even an OA (Official Acronym) for them: "Unaccompanied alien children (UAC)") were really refugees, why aren't their parents also fleeing that awful place?

    (I remember when there were REAL refugees, as from South Viet Nam, Cambodia, &c, and before that, from Eastern Europe. These kids don't fall into the "refugee" category.)

    What makes it worse is that our government is allowing this influx to happen, apparently without any attempt to screen for disease or gang membership; and not only that, but to take the illegals and relocate them all over the country, without bothering to tell either the state governors or local officials that they have a new worry.


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