Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Want to do Something That Works

The kids for the past 30 years or so, have been programmed by government indoctrination factories euphemistically called schools. What classical liberals say does not resonate with this generation's world view or life experience anymore. They do not hold these truths to be self-evident. Not even the scientific method is understood or valued. The trappings of science and research are being used to promote an evil agenda; nothing more. When the end justifies the means, that is the end.

I think there is a very real chance that we're screwed, that we're entering another dark age, as we gradually lose the principles to create and maintain the freedom and technology that gave us the highest standard of living in human history. There's actually a reactionary rejection of it. I don't think we'll get it back without a cataclysmic historical event to effect a total reset. I only hope that in the rubble, someone finds the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, "gets it", and uses it as a model to rebuild their little corner of the world.

Too despairing? I have been watching our government work. Unlike most people, I have been attending practically every city and county council meeting for the last four years. I have seen the sausage being made. Voters, voting for benefits paid for by someone else. Opportunists, special interests and "non profits" insinuating their "vision" into public policy, getting their hands on the levers of authority without any responsibility to the voters. Dare I say without our knowledge, for the most part. And I am sorry to say that all too many folks are unaware of, or downright hostile to the principles of good government. 

I blame government schools. My wife and I spent years trying to get public schools to serve our kids. We thought we were the customer. But serving the kids was too much bother. It was against regulations. Or the professionals "knew better". The fact that we knew our kids better wasn't important. We finally realized that the schools think of our kids as the product, and not the customer. 

I'll repeat that: the schools think of our kids as the product, and not the customer. When we realized that schools were nothing more than factories, producing only what the monopolistic factory owner wants to produce, that's when we decided to home school our kids. Oh yes, we still pay taxes for the public schools (you're welcome), but we then invest the additional personal time and resources to teach our kids what we think they need to know to succeed in life, in ways that are individualized for the best benefit to them, and not the reverse. I feel bad for the families who can't afford this luxury. 

Every time I turn around, I hear about more claptrap in the schools. This wouldn't bother me if people had a choice. If you like your claptrap, you can keep your claptrap. If not, change schools. Did you know that the word "university" is the opposite of "diversity"? That's right, we need more diversity. Real diversity. Diversity of thought, not the superficial crap that passes for diversity on the left. The government schools need competition. Let the people choose. The best ideas will thrive, and the flawed ideas will wither and die. And not a moment too soon. 

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