Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Donald: Not Your Father's Ronald

I have heard Donald Trump being compared to Ronald Reagan. Just yesterday, in fact. I'm sorry, but Donald Trump is in no way similar to Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was principled about freedom and the Constitution. Ronald was humble. Ronald was gentle. Ronald was witty. Ronald could stay on point. Ronald spent many years in the bull pen, warming up for his gig.

But we get the politicians we deserve. Our culture has coarsened considerably since the early 1980s. From defining deviancy down, to the kind of language we tolerate on TV and in public. I still tend not to use words in public that I would not use in front of my parents. How about you?

There's this article by Mychal Massie, making the rounds on Facebook today.
As someone who takes pride in being self-aware and principled, I don’t need endless memos and researched anecdotes to peel back the layers of pretense to expose the real Donald Trump. I know exactly who the man is; he’s an opportunist, a narcissist and borderline megalomaniac, who lives for the thrill of the hunt. However, he’s also a closer, a shark, and a shrewd businessman who embodies America exceptionalism: a concept that forged the most powerful and affluent nation in less than two centuries and an ideal liberals have worked tirelessly to eradicate.
I find it very convincing. I wish I didn't still have this sick feeling about putting up a Trump sign in my yard. It just makes me feel dirty. But I know Trump is probably the only viable choice this November.

People like me and Ted Cruz blathering on about the Constitution don't get any traction. Reagan still had the benefit of civics education in public schools to fall back on. He didn't have to fill in the blanks, to blank stares, like we do. Unfortunately, it is a manifest conflict of interest for government run schools to teach of limited government. What do you expect from them? Go, school choice! Given the recent tyrannical bathroom mandate, school choice might indeed be seeing a revival. 

Meanwhile, we got Trumped. He might not be any less tyrannical than the current tyrant, but at least he's my tyrant. Until civics and the founding constitutional principles are once again taught to our young, we can expect more of the same. 

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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  1. I have seen Donald Trump's kids interviewed on TV. They seem polite, smart, and they describe a normal upbringing. If his kids turned out alright, maybe he would make a good daddy to us, too. At least until we grow up, and no longer need a nanny state to survive.


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