Sunday, August 6, 2017

Corporate Greed? It is to Laugh!

When I hear people talk about corporate greed, I point at government and say, "um... Hellooo!!!" At least the corporation doesn't have me over a barrel. I am at liberty not to do business with them. Government is more like Mafia thugs: you're in our territory; pay us or else. Sell it to us, or else. It's for your 'protection'.

If you don't have a permit, then it isn't permitted. A permit will be $7.00 per square foot, paid to the tribes. You need a permit for a domestic well to build a home? Well... you can't.

You want to build there? Sorry, that's wetlands! You can't. We don't care if it it's dry now. That'll be $30,000.00 per day that you haven't restored it to pristine condition. Not connected to federal navigable waters? Take it to the Supreme Court! It will take years, and millions of dollars. Your life will be ruined. Good luck with that!

You sunk your life savings into property to build your dream home? Too bad, sunshine, there's a pocket gopher living in one corner. It looks like nobody will ever build there.

We've rendered your property worthless? Your life savings are gone? That's not a taking; you should have done your research.

That is so not free.

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