Saturday, February 28, 2009

OK, Here's the Deal

The US Government is severely and grossly out of spec with the Enumerated Powers listed in the US Constitution. Any government that refuses to honor the contract between itself and We the People is untrustworthy and dangerous. Things have been getting gradually worse for a long time, with major inflection points during FDR's presidency, again during LBJ's presidency, and now the rampage that Barack Obama and this congress are inflicting on our individual liberty.

We are 100 years late for a constitutional uprising. I am not talking about a violent uprising (unless the kakistocrats do not back down peaceably). But we have to take back 100 years of government encroachment on the liberty guaranteed in the Constitution. If you look at the size and scope and oppressiveness of the US Government today, you can see that bringing it back into compliance with the Constitution is a daunting job, both politically and socially. People have become dependent on big government, and they have to be weaned off of it. Please see my proposal for a Limited Government Amendment to the US Constitution, permanently posted at the bottom of this page.

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