Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Defining and Avoiding Tyranny

One definition of tyranny is special interests using government to force their agenda down your throat. It doesn't matter if it is the religious right or the loony left. Environmentalists, Wall Street, feminists, oil companies, gays, labor unions, auto manufacturers -- all do it. When we have an activist federal government that regulates our lives and doles out favors and free stuff, you will have special interests lined up around the block, all trying to get their agenda enacted into law, or make the government their benefactor in perpetuity.

After the Tea Parties, one leftist that I correspond with asked me why nobody was this stressed out when the Bush administration was spending like there was no tomorrow, and shredding the Constitution. Many of us were stressed out, but both sides -- all sides -- are guilty of this. Under the circumstances, it is a matter of political survival. It doesn't seem so bad as long as our side is the "in group". But when the "other side" gets in, we get mad as hell. The acrimony will not subside until the federal government returns to the Enumerated Powers specified in the Constitution.

The federal government was originally designed to be a lightweight framework to tie together the various member states, providing basic common services, such as a monetary currency, and diplomatic and military protection. As far as I can tell, the individual states can do pretty much whatever they want, as long as they don't get crosswise with the Bill of Rights. This diversity provides We the People the liberty to move to a state where the weather and the politics suits our clothes.

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