Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Letter to the Bellingham Herald Newspaper

Dear Editor,

Our federal government has embarked on a power grab of unprecedented proportions in the history of this country. More government power means less individual liberty for everyone. The kakistocrats in congress and in the white house are spending my earnings, my children's earnings and their children's earnings, to solve problems that our generation, and our government, created.

The US government has assumed roles and responsibilities that the Constitution says are supposed to belong to We the People. Any regime that disregards the Constitution is untrustworthy and dangerous.

It is time to send a clear message to Washington DC that We the People want our money and our liberty back! Everyone please turn out for the Bellingham Tea Party, Wednesday April 15 (tax day) from 4PM to 6PM on the Guide Meridian (near Bellis Fair Parkway). Bring your entire family for some "serious" fun.

Karl Uppiano

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