Thursday, April 30, 2009

The New Generation Gap

There is a new generation gap coming to a society near you. The term "generation gap" became a popular term for the baby boomer rebellion of the 1960s and '70s. Our parents were on the receiving end of a lot of derisive insults about their music, morals and values. The tables will be turned for the new generation gap. What's more, it will be much more personal and dangerous.

As we baby boomers age, social security, nationalized health care (if enacted), and all of the other social programs that we helped to create, as well as the massive debt for the government bail-outs, and the damage done to capitalism, will fall on our children. True to form, many of us did not take any responsibility for our own retirement.

As more of us leave the work force, and we begin to cash in on our socialist benefits, taxation, inflation, joblessness will directly affect our children's quality of life, and they will resent it. They will rebel. They will use our life-negating values about abortion and euthanasia against us. They'll yank out the government feeding tube, because they will not be happy to have more than half of their earnings taxed away to support a bunch of old farts.

We will not have a happy old age, and we will deserve it. I hope our children will see the error of our ways, and return the federal government to its rightful size and scope as specified in the Enumerated Powers of the Constitution. I hope they'll throw out big government, and along with it, a bunch of whining, lazy, aging hippies.

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