Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Three Party System

I am very disappointed in the Republican party. For at least the past decade, Republicans have been acting more like Democrats and craven politicians instead of principled statesmen. I have been resisting a very strong inclination to ditch the Republicans and join (or hope someone will create) a worthy third party.

This country runs on a two party system. Third parties have never been successful. In fact, they virtually guarantee that the very worst candidate gets elected (as opposed to merely the second worst candidate). A much better solution -- requiring much less time, money and effort by the way -- is to revitalize the two party system.

The Republican party already has the name recognition, the communication channels, the financial backing and so on, to mount successful campaigns -- instead of splitting the conservative vote. Splitting the conservative vote is the last thing we want to do. The world isn't perfect (and politics is practically the least perfect thing of all). The best we can hope for is a tolerable compromise. We have to be grown-ups here, and accept that fate.

With patience and constant pressure, we can slowly return the Republican party to the principles for which it was named. Ronald Reagan did it in 1980. We just need to find the right leaders. Ron Paul and Glenn Beck are good men, but they will do this country more harm than good if they insist on forming a third party instead of reforming the Republican party. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

Instead of Republicans being more like Democrats (because they mistakenly perceive liberal politics to be more popular), Republicans should offer an alternative to Democrats. After all, given a choice between real Democrats and a Republican facsimile, people will generally go with the genuine article. People will vote for real conservatives if they're available on the ballot, and if they vigorously promote this country's founding principles.

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