Sunday, May 17, 2009

Help Wanted -- Publicizing the LGA

Readers, I need help publicizing the Limited Government Amendment idea. So far it has been a complete non-starter.

After reading and studying how the federal government has grown and become more oppressive over the last 100 years, I am convinced that a constitutional amendment is the only mechanism that has the slightest chance of restoring our eroded liberty. Very few politicians or bureaucrats (or even citizens) have the willpower to resist creeping socialism, because each issue, taken separately, seems like a "good idea". Most government programs are implemented with the idea of helping people in some way or another, and people don't think of it in terms of forfeited liberty until the program is entrenched and it is too late. "There ought to be a law" are probably the six most dangerous words in the English language. Not every good idea needs to be a law.

A constitutional amendment like the LGA would force politicians to prioritize. But I can't seem to get anybody's attention. I have emailed Rush Limbaugh, both at his public email as well as his 24x7 web form (I'm a member). I have tried to email Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, but I can't even find email addresses or a web form. I have snail-mailed every Republican senator and congressman (at significant cost in postage). I heard back from exactly zero (count them, zero).

I need suggestions: People to contact, and ways to contact them. Tactics for getting their attention, ways to start a grass roots movement -- anything. I am willing to go on the talk show circuit if necessary. I really don't care if I get credit for this idea; I just want it to succeed. For the sake of my country, and for the sake of my kids. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments section.

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