Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here's an Idea...

Yesterday, Barack Obama gave a short speech about an upcoming "Jobs Summit". He said that he welcomes any idea that will help create new jobs. Mr. Obama, here's my idea.


  1. Here's my idea:
    Every one in upper level government has enough stashed funds to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.
    Fire/retire ALL of them. Now there are at least that many job openings.
    PS. Is this the first comment at this blog?


    This may very well be the first comment here. I don't get much traffic.

  3. Well sir shortly after asking I answered my own question. I am not the first. I bet you deal with so many emails and stuff it's a data overload. I think you would have had to 'approve it as the mod.'
    I went back a few pages of posts and there was another comment but I forget what it was about.
    Data overload myself lately.
    I hope the borg can be stopped by overloading their data system by sending them to sleep to study where they malfunctioned when they realize they are all expendable and to dependant to stand alone and their 'perfection ain't natural'.
    Had a Thanksgiving day dinner with a bunch of family 14 folks, at my mother in laws before they go to the Mediteranian and Canary Islands on a cruise.
    What don't you get about the band Traffic?
    Winwood and top notch help.
    (you don't have to post this at all...just yakking.)


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