Saturday, April 24, 2010

Uphold and Defend in 2010!

If we want better government, then we need to vote for candidates who will swear to uphold the Constitution -- and then do it! Many of our elected officials simply have no idea what that entails. Still others believe that the Constitution is fundamentally flawed -- their oath of office is a lie.

The Constitution is neither lengthy nor mysterious. It is approximately 20 pages -- including all 27 amendments. You can read and understand it in a single evening. If you have questions, read the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers to get a better grasp of what the founders were trying to accomplish. Contrary to "progressive" propaganda, it isn't difficult, and you don't need a Harvard law degree to do it.

I have made a checklist of things that we need in our elected officials, regardless of party affiliation. We need:
  • Candidates who will remember that the Constitution is the official specification for the US Government.
  • Candidates who will remember that the Constitution is the binding contract between We the People and the US Government.
  • Candidates who understand that if elements of the Constitution have become obsolete, you amend it, you don't re-interpret it.
  • Candidates who will remember that any regime that distorts or disregards the Constitution is untrustworthy and dangerous.
  • Candidates who will remember that, if it isn't in the enumerated powers, it isn't authorized.
  • Candidates who will remember that the founders never intended the "general welfare" clause as some sort of blank check to buy votes.
  • Candidates who believe in the Bill of Rights -- all ten of them, including the second and the tenth -- and the enduring reasons why each one is still vitally important.
  • Candidates who can't be bought with bribes from the party bosses to send your tax dollars to their state or district to advance the party agenda.
  • Candidates who will remember that your money -- your property -- represents hours from your life that it took to earn it, and they had better spend your life sparingly and wisely, because it isn't theirs to take, and it isn't theirs to waste!
In order to restore trust in government, and truly promote the general welfare, we need to become constitutionally literate, and we must repopulate both parties with candidates who are constitutionally literate -- and then get them elected.


  1. Yeah, I know, it's kind of a repeat. I will continue to repeat this until everybody gets it.

  2. I mentioned your excellent post on another blog Just Politics...? where I comment now and again. I feel that voters should really be prepared to vote, in 2010, with a clear idea of what the American Constitution is all about. I wish I would know how to link. This blog quotes Henry David Thoreau, "The best government is that which governs least.

  3. I must sy, this is an incredible post. Totally correct. Each and every member of the government should be required to take a written test regarding their understanding of the constitution.

  4. Things are coming together. People are actually reading the Constitution and those other papers. Not only that but they are using their own God given common sense. In regard to emblake6, I would just add that it is even more important that our children be required to take in depth courses in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and possibly the Magna Carta, which was really the formal beginning of recognizing that there are God given liberties that need to be preserved and respected.

    We need to stop knit pickin about our current laws and look further into the future and make adjustments in the Constitution accordingly to preserve the Voice of the People and give it the power that was alwasy intended. See my site, for some ideas. GBA

  5. That's right Rogers, we can spend the entire day debating the pros and cons of health care reform, the policy details of Cap & Trade, or any other liberty-sucking, big government, “progressive” power grab.

    But at the end of the day, it all comes down to this: Any regime that disregards or distorts the Constitution is untrustworthy and dangerous.

    Fellow citizens, it’s up to us: If we want to preserve our liberty, we must elect politicians who will follow the Constitution, and send the others packing!

  6. Have been pretty much saying the same thing over the past 4-5 years on the net, and longer than that in "real life".

    The Constitution is the underlying bedrock of this nation, and the governing body which was formed some 230 odd years ago. If we fail, as "We the people" in understanding it, and applying good judgement in the selection and electing of individuals to the bodies which we allow to "govern" us; then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Further more, those who willingly fail to honor the oath they have taken upon assuming elected office (at any level), should be removed from their office(s) at the earliest possible opportunity. This being done by their fellows. Failing that, then the lot should be removed by those whom elevated them to office. Wether by handcuff or by rail (with judicial application of tar and feathers as needed) matters not to me. Just that it be done.

    The only way to end the rampant corruption, hubris, and outright trampling of all which we hold dear, is going to end, is when those placed in positions of public trust realize they serve at OUR convenience, and not THEIRS.

  7. We have to get the word out, Guy S. I posted a corollary here.


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