Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In-ter-rest-ing! "Faux" News Most Trusted News Source

An annual survey ranked Fox News as the country's most-trusted news source ... and the least-trusted.

Sacred Heart University's third annual "Trust and Satisfaction with the National News Media Survey" found that Fox News topped the list when people were asked which news source they trust the most.

Fox News had 30% of the vote, then CNN (19.5%), NBC (7.5%) and ABC (7.5%).

When asked for which organization they trusted the least, people picked Fox News again (26.2%), then NBC (9.9%), MSNBC (9.4%) and CNN (8.5%).

Another interesting result from the study: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly ranked as the most-trusted news anchor on cable TV. (Continue reading...)

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  1. There's a fair amount of spin on this announcement here and predictably, here.

    I actually think Fox news is less biased than the alphabet networks. The fact that their political commentators are primarily conservative is actually irrelevant.

    ABC used to have John Stossel, and that didn't make them conservative.


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