Friday, March 5, 2010

I Feel As If I Am Being Attacked By My Own Government

I just sent off two letters to my state and federal legislators.
Dear [Patti Murray | Maria Cantwell | Rick Larsen]

Please vote NO on the healthcare bill. You do not want your fingerprints on this obscenity. It is unconstitutional, We the People don’t want it, and it is the most corrupt piece of legislation in American history. Selling judgeships, the congressional bribes, the backroom deals. It stinks on ice even if there are some token Republican proposals in there.

The measures are the exact opposite of the effective remedy: Less government, fewer mandates, more liberty. Follow the Constitution.

Vote NO unless you want to guarantee a Republican landslide in 2010.

Karl Uppiano
And then there's this one to the state reps:
Dear [Dale Brandland | Doug Ericsen | Kelli Linville],

Please vote NO on a Washington State income tax. One of the reasons that I moved to Washington State was to get away from the hassle and expense of a state income tax. Democrats nationwide seem to have it in for productive citizens, and they seem unwilling or unable to control spending. I feel as if I am being attacked by my own government!

Increasing taxes during a recession is the absolute worst thing you can do. My employer is hanging by a thread as it is. Thousands of others are just like it. Many thousands of jobs are in the balance. You’re killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Like any economic principle, there is an optimum point for bringing in tax revenue. Above or below that tax rate, revenue decreases. The point shifts with the economic times. However, taxation and government is more oppressive than ever before in my lifetime. If you hope to retain your seat in the legislature, you need to vote NO on a Washington State income tax.

Karl & Peggy Uppiano
We are truly living in a kakistocracy.

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