Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Most Important Election of Our Time

Dennis Prager identifies the upcoming mid-term congressional election as the most important election of our time.

Prager says if we don't change both houses, "we lose". I think he could have been more specific. By saying "we lose", he means more than Republicans and/or conservatives. If "progressives" win, Americans lose. "We lose" the liberty that we have enjoyed for over 200 years. "We lose" the liberty to succeed or fail, based on our own merits. "We lose" the liberty to decide for ourselves how to work things out without regulations telling us the government-approved way of doing it at every turn.

Humanity the world over loses the last best hope on earth -- to come to this country and try their hand at self-sufficiency. And I don't mean the invasion on our southern border. Illegal immigrants are coming here for the free stuff that is systematically being stolen from our dwindling productive sector. That isn't opportunity, that's unsustainable dependency. They're coming here to escape the extreme corruption in Mexico for a slightly less corrupt regime that obviously doesn't respect the rule of law, or equal justice for all. Some are coming here because they think that our southern states are rightfully theirs. Our federal government actually has the constitutional authority -- and responsibility -- to address these problems, yet they will not.

Folks, we truly are living in a kakistocracy, and this election is the most important of our time. Don't blow it again in 2010!

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