Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick II

I saw this in a blog the other day:
I believe in "moderate muslims" the way I believe in giant squid: I've never actually seen one, but every once in a while a dead one shows up somewhere.
I completely agree with Barack Obama (?!?) when he says that the Muslims have every constitutional right to put a mosque near ground zero. The free exercise clause guarantees that.

Where I differ with the president is that decency and respect should make Muslims instinctively realize that this would be a bad move. But if it is in their culture to erect a monument wherever they have achieved a conquest; to establish a beachhead at the site of their victory, then it is with cultural awareness that we should realize that it is not unconstitutional to prevent that. If we need to declare ground zero as "hallowed ground" then so be it.

This would not be a religious issue except for the fact that Muslims do not distinguish between politics, religion and conquest. The fundamental separation of church and state that we Americans understand, is antithetical to the people who attacked us, and to the people who want to build the mosque. It is a culture clash of biblical proportions, and the 'progressives' who are always mewling about 'diversity' and 'cultural sensitivity' ought to try some real cultural awareness for a change. Republicans should not back away from this issue. It is fundamental, and it will help, not hurt their election prospects.

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