Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick

The proposed Muslim center at ground zero, called the Cordoba house, is a thumb in the eye to all who died there on 9/11. It is the Muslim culture to erect a mosque on sites that they have conquered. Even the name "Cordoba" is a historical reference to the Muslim conquest of Spain. The city of Cordoba was an Islamic caliphate in the middle ages. This is a very symbolic gesture to Muslims, and it should be a chilling one to us, too. Our ignorance of their culture, and our slavish PC devotion to "diversity" will be our downfall.

The Muslims are using our liberty against us. It is illegal and unconstitutional to prevent the construction of this building. That's because our laws, and the Constitution are based on Judeo-Christian values. When cultures who do not respect those values infiltrate our borders, we have a catch-22. Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the first amendment. I always thought it was a catch-22 for the Muslims, but it appears that they have twisted things around so that it's a catch-22 for us.

I'm not sure what recourse we have, but it might involve civil disobedience. Our laws won't help us here. My position is that Muslims can erect a Cordoba house at ground zero just as soon as Christians can erect a cathedral in Mecca, and not a moment before.

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